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motorola pop polyphonic ringtonesPop
motorola dance polyphonic ringtonesDance
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motorola indie polyphonic ringtonesIndie
motorola rap polyphonic ringtonesRap
motorola games polyphonic ringtonesGames
motorola fun polyphonic ringtonesFun
motorola oldies polyphonic ringtonesOldies
motorola r and b polyphonic ringtonesR & B
motorola football polyphonic ringtonesFootball
motorola anthems polyphonic ringtonesAnthems
motorola christmas polyphoinic ringtonesChristmas

True Tones:

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The Motorola Ringtones Site

Welcome to the brand new Motorola Ringtones website. This website brings you the very latest Motorola Ringtones, Mono, & Polyphonic Ringtones along with valuable information about the various models of Motorola mobile phones. If you would like to order motorola ringtones or polyphonic motorola ringtones from us, simply make a note of the product code and call the number below. You can also order Motorola Ringtones by SMS or Credit Card by clicking the Get Now! link next to your desired ringtone.

The Latest Motorola Ring Tones :-

The Motorola Ringtones Website brings you all the new motorola ringtones releases each and every week. We have put 20 of the Latest Motorola Ringtones below for you to check out. If you would like to find your favourite chart song in ringtone format, simply click on UK Charts! or choose a genre from the menu. If you can't find what you're looking for, check back soon, we add new motorola ringtones each week.

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Motorola Ringtones Information :-

What are motorola ringtones?
Motorola ring tones are the tunes that are played on your motorola phone when you receive a call. You can change your ringtone as many times as you like to keep it up to date. These can be entered onto the phone manally using the keypad or composer.

What is a polyphonic ringtone?
Current ringtones (monophonic) play one musical note at a time. Polyphonic ringtones play multiple notes, creating a fuller, richer and more musical sound. Featured site Nokia 6600 Polyphonic Ring Tones itís a very informative site about Nokia 6600 Polyphonic Ring Tones that we have come across. Newer phones will be capable of playing more instruments simultaneously and will come with better speakers meaning that polyphonic ringtones are going to be huge!

Ringtones Compatibility Information:

Picture Message
Colour Backgrounds
Java Games
Motorola V100 Mono No No No No No
Motorola Walkabout 191 Mono No No No No No
Motorola Timeport 250 Mono No No No No No
Motorola Timeport 260 Mono No No No No No
Motorola V50 Mono No No No No No
Motorola V8088 Mono No No No No No
Motorola T720 polyphonic No No No No Yes

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